Garcia and Rachel joins us in Krakow to find Daria

October 05, 2013

Garcia is one of my closest friends. We have been fighting so many wars together we stopped counting! We saved each other’s lives many times and that creates a special bond between people. I would almost say that bond has a vibe of being karmic. As if we have been connected by this bond for hundreds of years. I have the same feeling with Goldie, Coach, and Psycho. We are like one mind in four bodies. We know each other so well and our roles in combat are naturally defined and carved into our very souls. We are one.

After meeting Debra my life took a turn. I learned why I became a soldier and from that point, I found meaning in my life. Direction. Purpose. She brought a new level of existence into my life. Before I was fighting because that was what I was good at. But helping her find her family and killing a few trafficking leagues and mafias who were in the wrong place gave me a purpose on top of my fighting skills. I was able to use my skills in a way that made way more sense than just going to war and fight blindfolded for money and personal glory.

Garcia is one of my deckhands on The Undertaker. He was a Legionnaire for fifteen years and a merc. for twenty more. He is a skilled soldier, always careful and on top of any situation. He has never been anything but a soldier.

The Untertaker


At this point in my life, an old friend of Goldie needed assistance. His tag is Coop. His sister had been taken by a new and upcoming mafia in Poland and he asked me for help. He and Goldie went way back and they told a ton of very funny and exciting stories about what ‘business’ they had been involved in in Eastern Europe. But that’s another story.

We are in Krakow here, trying to find a trace of Daria. Garcia was on a private job in  Congo but he is on his way home. We checked in at Hotel Bristol at noon – a very classical establishment in the center of the city, and set up our computers, communication, and navigation equipment, and made sure it all worked. Coach and Coop would stay here while the rest of us would be in action in the city.

It took some hours until all computers and communications were up and running. Weapons and other tactical gear were checked and everything was stacked, packed, and racked, ready for action.

Then Garcia entered the room. Followed by a beautiful slim dark-haired woman with brown eyes and in her thirties.

– Heyyyyyy man! I shouted! He rushed over and hugged him like a brother.

You know, when men hug each other they pat each other on the back. I think they are afraid of doing nothing – it is too intense, so they kinda distract themselves by patting each other’s backs.

– Sooo good to see you again bro! Garcia said slowly with a distinct southern accent in a very low pitch. A voice that revealed a lifetime of hard work and experience, a lot of beer and cigarettes, and an excruciating amount of pain.

– Great to have you back in business, but who is the lady? I asked while looking at her.

– Long story. Garcia started. But meet my wife Rachel!

– WUTTTT???? You got married? In Congo?

– We sure did!

– Congratulations man!!! That’s huge!! I mean… I always knew if you got married it would be extremely serious! You never do anything half-hearted!

– That just about sums it up! Garcia said.

– Man, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you. If anyone deserves Love it’s you!

– Thanks bro! Coming from you I really appreciate it. I know you say that from your heart!

Hugs all around!

– How did you meet? I asked.

– Well, Garcia started. We met in a gin joint in Kinshasa. Rachel is from Israel and works for Mossad. She was there to assist two other Mossad agents on a job and they just finished it. That night she approached me and asked me my name. She was a little tipsy so I started calling her Miss. Tipsy. But her name is Rachel Aliya Maxine.

– That is the galant version, Rachel interrupted. I was wasted and barely able to walk! Garcia escorted me to my hotel and put me in bed and came back the next morning with coffee, breakfast, and painkillers! Then I knew he was the one!

– Rachel smiled tenderly while looking at Garcia.

– You know Dave… Garcia continued. We had a lot of women when we were young, but none of them lasted through the night. None of them were keepers. I’m sixty-one now and I never thought I would meet someone special, but there she was. I instantly knew I struck gold. Hit the Jackpot. Bullseye. Beyond any doubt. We got married the following week, that’s a month ago now. I hope it is ok I brought her.

Rachel’s eyes glowed like sparkling stars in the endless open night sky when Garcia turned his head and looked at her. She was deeply in Love! I think everybody in the room felt the bond between them.

– You bet it is! You don’t even have to ask! Anyone who lives in your heart also lives in mine! If you trust her I trust her! If she wants to help Debra tonight that would be awesome! They would be a great couple!

– AND we need to celebrate you and Rachel properly when this job is done!

– Fill us in on the plan. Garcia said.

I pointed at Coach.

– Coop’s sister Daria has been kidnapped by a large organization that makes a lot of money on trafficking, Coach said.

– Tonight we are going to test all this equipment in the streets and look around a bit to get an impression of the players.

Coach pointed around in the room at the gear.

– GPS trackers, communication, weapons and we have Sat-Com up running from the bunker back in the US.

– Psycho will practice approach methods on their car to tag it with a magnetic GPS tracker.

– Debra and Rachel will have GPS tracking in their phones and their high-heeled shoes and we will be able to track them wherever they go.

– They will have special handbags where the metal frame is a hidden knife. They will each have a special ball pen for stabbing and a lipstick which isn’t lipstick but pepper spray. Debra has a special wristwatch with a transponder we can track within two kilometres. That is great for following the girls on the road and they will have lock pickers and small tools hidden in their clothes.

– Besides, Debra has this thing in her hair, a Yawara. It looks like it is used to manage her ponytail but it is a small Japanese nylon stick with hard knobs in both ends, fits perfectly in a closed hand and it can easily make a hole in your skull and one of the knobs can be taken off which reveals a small razor-sharp stabbing weapon.

– They have entire first aid kits hidden in their clothes and antibiotics hidden in the bags.

– They won’t go in naked!

– So, the girls are decoys and we are hidden in the crowd, Garcia said. I guess we want them to be snatched so we can follow them and slowly eat those fuckers for breakfast when we know where Daria is.

– Yup! Something along those lines, Coach said.

We are up against a crime syndicate that operates in most of the Eastern European countries. They are not big enough to be a threat to the Polish mafia yet nor are they well organized, but in a few years, this could easily be part of a united Eastern European mafia or maybe even controlling it.

– Coop… will you fill us in on the locals?

Coop took over.

– The head of trafficking in Poland, The Master pimp Dragomir, comes from Romania but lives in Serbia. He runs his trafficking business from there. He has almost eight hundred people working for him which means in Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria this is a medium-sized gang working on dominating the region. They are already quite big and they own the market in these countries and aim to own all the small and medium-sized countries in Europe too. Poland is next. Dragomir works for Filimon in Romania who is the Boss of the entire organization. Their activities in Poland are mostly in Warsaw but they are expanding their business to all the major cities here.

– They won’t mess with Russia as trafficking there is under the tight control of the Russian mafia and they are way too strong to take on for Filimon.

– We will work us up the through ranks to get Dragomir. And we start in the center of Warsaw.

– I have put out the rumor that a big American association is moving in on prostitution in Poland. I hope this will flush them out.

– Warsaw in the nineties had around fifteen hundred brothels visited by people from all over Europe.

– But in 2005 we got Lech Kaczyński as Mayor. He was Lech Wałęsa’s advisor and after the communist party collapsed, he became Minister for security and justice for a period. He had a holy mission. He wanted to restore the lost innocence of Warsaw. He didn’t quite succeed, but he cleaned up a lot of this dirty business and now Dragomir and Filimon are trying to take over and make this city dark medieval again.

There aren’t many brothels left now, but there still are a few out there in the back alleys, visited by sleazy, thin-haired, perverts from the entire region.

– Lech Kaczyński and his staff including his wife died in a plane crash recently and no one seemed to ask the right questions! He had a lot of enemies because he fought organized crime. I am confident this plane crash was not an accident!

Nasty guys these mafia people. Killing the mayor would not be a unique case. A lot of presidents and government officials have been taken out of orbit too soon all over the world because of their integrity. And it’s definitely not over yet.

I will close this chapter with a comment from Debra:

“If you are one of those, longing for world peace, you are at the wrong place! This party is going to be loud and messy to a degree that every bloodthirsty military dictator or mafia boss in the world will shit his pants. Look out, folks! This is civil anarchy at its best. We are fighting dirty cops, corruption, and common stupidity!”


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