Will Fourth Pipeline of Nord Stream 2 be blown up too?

October 07, 2022

North Stream 2 Status.

So far only three of the four Nord Stream pipelines have been sabotaged. The second line of Nord Stream 2 has so far survived the blasts and as I mention in my earlier article here, I am pretty sure this was done by amateurs. The operation has no signs whatsoever being implemented by an elite force from anywhere in the world.

This is almost certainly done by a state who used a private military contractor due to plausible deniability. In other words – they used amateurs!

That’s why the fourth line did not explode!

At this time the Swedish authorities has investigated the site. It took ‘only’ a week, and nobody knows what might have happened during this week. The failed demolition charge on Nord Stream 4 could have been removed!

In case it wasn’t removed we can’t expect the Swedish authorities to go public about what they might have found. They want to be a member of NATO and if they bring negative information about the pipeline, they could meet difficulties on their way into NATO. No matter what they find on the bottom of the ocean we will NEVER hear any blame towards the US.

BUT we have another scenario. Germany and Russia have been talking about opening Nord Stream 4 again.

If this happens the US HAS to do something. Blowing up the first three pipelines was a statement to Russia: Don’t fuck with the United States! So, if pipeline no. four re-enacts the gas flow the US will be forced to blow that line up too.

The United States have 50 years of experience in destabilizing other countries to take advance of a vulnerable independent countries. Back in the old days it was the CIA who managed this. Since the Reagan administration another organization has slowly entered the scene. The National Endowment for Democracy.

This time it is different. Now they are trying to grab Russia and destabilize it.

The NED has orchestrated to drag Russia into a war in Ukraine that cost a lot of Rubles and a lot of lives. Both are unpopular inside Russia. Now they hit Russia DIRECTLY on one of its main income sources in another attempt to destabilize the country.

The US have since Reagan accused Russia of pursuing world domination. But looking back the US have always blamed Russia for things they themselves was doing. As a smoke screen or a deflection. This is no different.

Open your eyes and make NO mistake! It is the United States that want world domination! Directly or indirectly!


Because the best business in the entire world is to dominate ANY market!






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