Trafficking – The most dirty business in the world

October 11, 2016

I never believed in Destiny, but a lot of things just lined up as if someone arranged everything with an invisible hand. Things happened, and they happened for a reason and the reason is Love. We were in the middle of it all, and it felt good. It was meaningful. We had a purpose. We fought for Love and a life worth living. For ourselves and for the girls who were kidnapped and trapped in trafficking.

This was my first non-paid job. I did this because I felt I had to. Partly because I knew Deb of course. Partly because something was awakening in me. Something called purpose and direction. Never really searched for any kind of meaning in life but I’m glad Purpose found me!

We were in Albania. Just outside Vlore. Deb was on a mission. Her sister was missing and she traced her from London to this godforsaken stone age country. She wanted my help finding her and I brought my entire team. I didn’t expect to find what we found. We left a trail of dead bodies all the way from London. The Albanian mafia was trying to establish themselves in London. They were fast, efficient, and ruthless. They managed to optimize cocaine transport from Columbia in a way no one else had been able to before which meant they were able to sell drugs for a quarter of the price which in turn totally eliminated all competitors. They simply took the market and planted their big butts firmly in it and eliminated any threat that popped up.

We were about to raid this house. Coach – my cook!!! – analyzed the computers we took from the Albanian mafia boss right before goldie flattened his mansion in a gigantic explosion. He found out how they snatched girls all over the world and that they were sent to Albania to one of ten safe houses outside Vlore.

We sneaked into the nearest building. It was two maybe three stories tall and several hundred square meters. No windows. Only a door on one side and a larger double door on another side which was locked from the inside.

We silently approached the first door and I opened it slowly. It was dark inside and had a stench of mold and rot. Floor was concrete and dirty. Hadn’t been cleaned or even vacuumed for several years. Thousands of cigarette butts, hundreds of empty canned beers, trash cans abounded with trash. This place needed a few grenades to clean up the mess!

The entry room had some lockers and chairs and a little light penetrated the narrow crack between the almost closed door and the frame. A lot of noises and voices came through.

I  silently sneaked over and peeked while I tried not to vomit. But I should soon learn what we have learned until now was a pleasant holiday compared to what we were about to experience in a moment.

We looked through the crack.

I was stunned.

So was Deb.

My faith in mankind died at that moment.

I was about to explode in rage. Nothing ever made me furious before. I always kept myself cool and calm. But this…!

They were maybe 20 people in the room. Huge room. Cameras and spots. Some furniture. A huge bed and a very young girl being raped in that bed while people stood around and watched. They were recording. This was a recording studio for dirty adult movies!

I Dave didn’t think. A volcano was about to erupt.

I  opened the door and ran into the crowd. I remember bodies flew around. Some of them flew 4 yards up in the air and it was chaos. He went straight for the guy in bonding who was raping the young girl. His military boot landed in his face. With his foot in it of course and approximately 200 pounds of unstoppable muscle behind it. Pretty sure the leather guy and a few others flatlined.

Deb stayed back in the dark room and took a look from my hiding place to cover his back. She quickly pulled iron on these scumbags to cover me. She knows exactly what to do in any situation. She’s a natural behind a gun. Actually, she is great at both ends of a gun. It doesn’t matter to her. She just turns the table so to speak.

Deb shot a floodlight and the glass splintered everywhere which caused three men under it to throw themselves to the ground.

Another one pulled a gun and she immediately gave him a lead injection in his chest before he could shoot me.

I have never seen anything like it. There were 4 frightened girls in this huge room apart from the one tied to the bed getting raped. Two men with cameras and one with a clapboard, three looking like guards – well two – as Deb took one out of the equation. And some actors dressed in leather and bondage.

I dunno how many of the bad guys survived. I admit I left some of them in awkward positions. Others had blood all over their faces and didn’t appear to be breathing anymore. A number of arms were obviously broken too.

It took less than 20 seconds.

– You are crazy, Deb said.

– I know. But the end of these stinking, filthy movies is always the same. The girl dies while they continue raping her. You probably also feel innocent death in this room. Right?

– I sure do. The vibe here is sickening! I also feel karma returning. By the way, you are bleeding.

I looked at my shoulder while I untied the girl in the bed. She was somewhat sedated and crying.

– It’s nothing.

Deb grabbed my shoulder and insisted on taking a closer look.

– You got shot! And the bullet didn’t go through.

– Yeah. They used small caliber guns those bastards. Only four of them were armed. Thanks for watching my back. You are a great partner!

– Whydya do this? You could have been killed! She was a little upset.

– Dunno. I never felt this urge before I met you. I can’t control myself when innocent and defenseless women and children are exploited and abused. I become like a bull and these punks are the red scarf that triggers me.

– I know I’m not counted among the nicest men in the world, but men simply shouldn’t do shit like this! They are a disgrace for honest and decent men and they make me feel guilty because I’m a man! But I feel like I discovered my mission or some kind of purpose in my life doing what I do with you. Searching for Angelica and relocating these lowlife scumbags to another world in the process. Making the world a little better. I didn’t know trafficking and abuse of women and children was this bad. I can’t forgive myself for not knowing how bad this is. I could have done something a long time ago. You have no idea what meeting you have done to me!

She hugged me for a very long time. She looks so fragile because she is skinny. But she is the strongest and most determined woman I have ever met!

– It changed me too. Len’s story and now this. Trying to find my family and overcome these bastards in the process, gives me purpose. And it appears we are good at it. Overcoming obstacles. Cleaning up the mess. Doing crazy things. Let’s go home and have Len look at that bullet hole. I will collect their IDs and wallets and get some close up’s on video for Coach. We haven’t enough space in the car for all of the survivors. Maybe the police can find them later from the videos.

– Yeah. The best thing we can do is notify the local authorities tomorrow – after taking the corrupt ones out of the loop, of course.

We searched the rest of the compound but unfortunately no Angel. But we found some clothing for the girls. Deb asked them their names and talked a little with them to make sure they were OK.

– I’ll drive I said.

– No, you won’t, Deb stated firmly! I drive and you put a finger in that bullet hole. Don’t want ya bleedin’ to death in this godforsaken wilderness!

I smiled without letting her notice. She is one tough Lady!

We drove back to our headquarter with the girls and a few of the men and gave Coach everything we found including their guns. We cuffed the men naked to the wire mesh and placed the girls in the living room where Len and Rachel checked them and brought them food.

The other teams were on their way back also with girls and prisoners. The first six safe houses were raided but no Angel. And one of the houses was empty.

Len looked at my wound. Len is also a sister of Deb. They have been separated for 19 years and it’s only a few months ago Len and Deb accidentally met and decided to find the rest of their scattered family.

– Well I’m not a surgeon but we have what we need. I will remove the bullet – Len said. Len is actually a nurse.

Deb put some blankets on a table and Len found what she needed for the surgery. Len injected something into my shoulder and after a few minutes, I didn’t feel anything from my shoulder anymore. She easily found the bullet and patched me up. It only took her twenty minutes.

I got up.

– Bring me some coffee and I’m ready to go!

Deb brought me a huge mug with black coffee and slowly I began feeling stronger remembering what we were here to do, Len gave me a small box with painkillers for later use.

– You sure you’re up for this? You can stay here and take it easy while I check the next house by myself.

– NO! I’m ready! Won’t miss the fun. Besides I need you to check my six!

A lot of scumbags died that night or got tied up to our wire mesh walls. Police officers who were paid to shut up, a judge, and a few government officials were amongst the perps we got. We raided ten houses that night. Angel wasn’t in any of them. BUT that destiny I never believed in happened once more later the very same night! We found Angel but that’s another story!

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